Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries Inc. is charged with the mandate of raising men of knowledge and power through the preaching of the word of faith and salvation.


Zion Heritage Television

Zion Heritage Television is geared towards changing lives through the teachings and preaching of the word of faith and salvation by Bishop Okwudili Eze.


Heritage Records

Heritage Records is the music production arm of Zion Heritage & Miracle Ministries Inc. In Heritage Records, we bring out the star in you. Check us out!


Enthronement Bible Institute

In Enthronement Bible Institute, men are raised by Knowledge, in Word and Power to Become a Wonder… Rise and Obey the Clarion Call.


Star Testimonies



You all are lifted for life! Am standing here to testify that covenant is bigger than life. I was at the building site where I was working when suddenly a 20 tons truck carrying chippings ran over me. My abdomen was cut wide opened and my intestines gushed out according to eye witness. I was rushed to the federal medical centre Umuahia. In the emergency operating theatre, I was constantly saying; I can’t die less than 90 years though very much unconscious. Thank God I didn’t die under the truck or in the operating room. All praise and glory to this ever faithful  God of Zion.

Bro. Obinna