Below are books published by THE HERITAGE PUBLISHING HOUSE, written by Bishop Okwudili and Pastor Mrs, Ifeoma Eze:

the consignment in your assignment

The Consignment in Your Assignment


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

95 Pages

 This classic will not only teach you the secret of greatness but will also practically show you that God’s consignment of
blessing can only locate a man who is on a God-given assignment.


Exploring Your Heritage in Zion


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

197 Pages

This timely classic not only reveals the rich and glorious heritage that believers have in Christ but also shows you how to
possess your heritage in God’s kingdom.


impact despite limitations

Impact Despite Limitations


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

74 Pages

This book is designed to show you how to break off from the limitations of life and still make meaningful contributions to
affect your generation!


7 laws of a prophetic promise

7 Laws Of A Prophetic Promise


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

67 Pages

This book teaches how a believer should conduct himself/herself while waiting for the fulfilment of a Prophetic word.
Prophecies must pass through a process before its fulfilment. Until a Prophetic Word is tested; it can never be trusted!


all you need to succede in marriage

All You Need To Succeed In Marriage


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

339 Pages

This classic practically exposes the secrets of an Endemic marriage and teaches you how to prevail against the storms that
attack present day marriages. It also guides you through the principles that guarantee a healthy, blissful and impactful


7 mistakes

7 Mistakes Great People Make


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

57 Pages

This book was birthed because heaven is tired of seeing men rise to positions of greatness and influence but suddenly
crash-land without leaving a legacy!


becoming a minister of substance

Becoming A Minister of Substance


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

120 Pages

This timely classic will afford you the opportunity of grasping fresh insights from God on how to stand your calling and
ministry out in this generation where there are spiritual charlatans who consistently rape the ministry!


believers training manual 1

Believers Training Manual


By Prophet Okwudili Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

127 Pages

You can’t be raised until you are trained! This book is a foundation course designed to enhance your spiritual growth and
development. It will help you to experience a constant refreshing through God’s word.


enthronement tablets

Enthronement Tablets


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

202 Pages

It is only the facts of God that make men fat on earth. This book is filled with powerful prescriptions of word-pills, which the
potential to enrich your life daily!


fashioned to be fruitful

Fashioned To Be Fruitful


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

138 Pages

A life of fruitfulness is a life of tangible results and evidence!

This classic takes you on a journey to a life of all-round fruitfulness, devoid of stagnation and mediocrity!


how to attract the one you want

How to Attract the One You Want


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

79 Pages

This insightful book has been fashioned to expose you to the right principles, which will guarantee a realistic and impactful
relationship that is bound to culminate into a blissful marriage.


making an indelible mark

Making an Indelible Mark


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

138 Pages

It is an error to live without contributing positively or making a meaningful impact. This book has been designed to destroy
every status-quo and help you to register your signature on the sands of time!


maximizing oppurtunities

Maximizing Opportunities


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

78 Pages

This book exposes the fact that life is full of seasons, challenges and environments, which present us with opportunities that
must be maximized. You can’t afford to miss your stage in life!


surviving God's silent moments

Surviving God’s Silent Moments


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

68 Pages

This master-piece comes as a soothing balm and a compass in a howling desert not only to soothe your aching wounds but
to show you what to do when God goes silent!


the heart for greatness

The Heart For Greatness


By Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

101 Pages

This book serves as a manual for anyone who wants to be great in life; but until you develop the heart for Greatness,
greatness will be far from you!


the mandated prophet

The Mandated Prophet


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

181 Pages

This is a powerful classic that teaches, instructs and corrects the biases and ignorance that exist about the Prophetic
ministry. Everything you need to know about the Prophetic is inside this book!



Word Feast Devotional


By Prophet Okwudili & Pst Mrs Ifeoma Eze

366 Pages

This book with its revelations, teachings, anecdotes, word-based prayers and one-year Bible reading plan has been
packaged to launch you into a realm of supernatural exploits!


10 wicked spirits

Ten Wicked Spirits That Kill Revival In A Growing Church


By Okwudili & Ifeoma Eze

146 Pages

In this book, you will understand the forces that make the church of God to lack the fire of revival and practical way to
annihilate those forces.


the nightmares of a called leader

The Nightmares of A Called Leader


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

116 Pages

Many times leaders bleed while they lead.

This book x-rays the pains that leaders experience and practical ways to overcome them and finish strong.


understanding the voice of God

Understanding the Voice Of God


By Prophet Okwudili Eze

106 Pages

You cannot say that you are a child of God until you possess the ability to hear His voice.This is a Bible-based illumination on
how to understand clearly, the voice of God, which will cause you to attain mastery in life.


biblt school manual 1 

My Bible School Manual


                                             By Okwudili &Ifeoma Eze

                                             217 pages

This Book is equipped with essentials of Christian leadership and Pastoral training. It will guarantee a victorious Christian life
and an impact driven leadership and ministry.

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I came here for the first time in July 24th, 2015. When I came, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive, and my left leg was paralysed because of stroke. When I met with the Bishop, he prophesied that in two days life will come upon me. For two years I don’t sleep with fan but that night as we got home, I told my wife to put on the ceiling fan and I removed my shirt and that was how life was restored in me. Look at me now, everything I wasn’t able to do before, I can do now. Praise the Lord!

Bro. Dennis Eleche