Welcome To the Year 2018. A very good way to live satisfied though this whole year is to start with God each morning. Many a times, we believers just wake-up and begin our daily activities without thanking and inviting God first. This has made many to have a shipwrecked destiny; and some eventually die because they neglected to acknowledge the ability of God’s word to guide and keep them.

This master piece, “The Word Feast Devotional” is written to make life easier for you every day. It will shape your destiny so that you can soar on Eagle’s wings in every sphere of life and enjoy a fulfilled life. It is a book you cannot afford to ignore; it is organised, inspirational, transforming and educative. It serves as a medicine to soothe your body and soul both physically and spiritually. It encourages and motivates, no matter the situation you are passing through.

We would like you to resist the temptation of wanting to eat up this devotional at one time. It is meant to help you to Operate from the realms of Eagle’s Wings.

Before you lies another year filled with 365 opportunities to be a wonder to your generation. So, enjoy a complete, nourishing and healthy diet of God’s word everyday of the year with the Word Feast Devotional.

This book in your hand with its revelations, teachings, anecdotes, illustrations, Word-based prayers, declarations and one-year Bible Reading Plan has been packaged to launch you onto Eagle’s Wings.

The inspiration and revelation you will encounter in this devotional will illuminate your heart and life with the relative power of God’s Word; and also empower you to mount up on Eagle’s Wings this year.

Remain lifted for life!

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You all are lifted for life! Am standing here to testify that covenant is bigger than life. I was at the building site where I was working when suddenly a 20 tons truck carrying chippings ran over me. My abdomen was cut wide opened and my intestines gushed out according to eye witness. I was rushed to the federal medical centre Umuahia. In the emergency operating theatre, I was constantly saying; I can’t die less than 90 years though very much unconscious. Thank God I didn’t die under the truck or in the operating room. All praise and glory to this ever faithful  God of Zion.

Bro. Obinna