Last week Sunday service which happened to be one of the seven super Sundays was when the servant of God located me and asked me to come and collect multiple American visa. I was so shocked when he asked me to bring my passport that was inside my handbag. I wondered who told him I came to church with passport? So when I came out with my passport, he collected it and placed it on his head and said today I give you multiple American visa. The following day being on Monday, I went to the embassy for my appointment with the American embassy(which I didn’t tell the Bishop about). Many visa applicants where there, so many where denied, many where rejected but when it got to my turn, the questions I was asked was what is your name and how long do you wish to spend at America. Just like that I was issued American visa!!! Praise God.

 Sis.Okoro C.


I suddenly fell sick and as days went by it became worse. So I decided to go for medical checkup. The result showed that everything about me was high ranging from blood pressure, to other issues within my body. I came back from the hospital devastated and I starting praying. During the prayer, my spirit instructed me to drink the immunization water consistently and I adhered to God’s voice. After 4 days of obeying that divine instruction from within, I went back to the hospital for a checkup again. The result this time proved that everything has gone back to its normal state and condition. When the doctor asked me what happened, I told him that God of Zion just perfected another miracle in my life.




I want to bless the name of the Lord for what He has been using the Bishop and this ministry to do in my life. Two weeks ago, there was a program here in Tuesday healing and miracle service. At the end of the program, there was a call for a sacrificial offering which I participated in. The following day being Wednesday I went to the bank and withdrew the money so that I can pay it into the church account. As I was on my way to pay it I got a call from my brother and he said that the car he promised me a long time ago is now ready and will be sent on Saturday  and he has sent it . This week Wednesday, being a week after the seed, my boss came to the office and made an upward review of my salary, paid for my accommodation and promised me a house of my own in two months. Praise God!



After I had my second child my period stopped and medical intervention was sought seriously but to no avail, this later became a serious challenge to my health as a woman. But to the glory of God, after this year’s immunization water service, I started using the immunization water; one week later, the flow was restored supernaturally by God and today I am so happy again. It is working seriously in Zion.



On the 13th of July was my first time of coming to this church and I sat somewhere at the back. At the heat of the move of God, The Bishop located me, called me out and asked me to bring out the drug that was in my pocket. I was shocked and amazed because it was my first time I made contact with the church and I know nobody here. So, who could have told him I had a container of drugs in my pocket. As I gave him the drug, he said to me that God has healed me of any heart deformity and ill condition I had. He laid hands on me and I collapsed under the anointing. When I recovered, I noticed a total change in my body immediately. Today being the 7th of August, I am here to testify that God is real in this church. Before my healing, the heart condition was so severe and critical that in every two hours if I don’t take the drug my system breaks down and nothing works in my body. It was so bad that my spinal cord was badly affected, I couldn’t sit for a long time, lie for a long time, stand for a long time and even my conjugal ability and responsibility was in jeopardy because of this bad heart condition.

In search of solution, I ran into the hands of so many fake prophets and men of God. They capitalized on my predicament and duped me of my money and properties worth millions of money. Because of that, I made up my mind not to trust any man of God again. Coming to this place has proved me wrong and pointed out to me that real men of God still exist. Today is just exactly one week I came to this church, here God healed me, restored my health, my marriage and even gave me a powerful testimony. During the week as I was thanking God for the healing, my daughter travelled abroad to further her studies and my son opened a company of his own, all this in just one week, people of God, it is working here. Praise the Lord.

Engr. Max.


Throughout last year, the finance of my family wasn’t encouraging despite the hard work of both me and my husband. I came to the servant of God for prayer and counseling but he told me that if what I had is not good enough, that I should sow it back to God. So early this year, I and my husband packaged every financial income that entered our hands and paid them as first fruit, though it was painful, but now it has become gainful. Today, I want to testify that since we paid that first fruit till now our financial status has changed for good. Everything we do now yields money. God is faithful to the words of his servant. Praise God.



I have a friend who for 25 years of her marriage had no child. Sometime February this year during our Tuesday Healing and Miracle service, servant of God said those trusting God for the fruit of the womb should come out and I came out to stand in for that my friend. 4 months later, she called me that God has done, that she is pregnant!!! Praise God.

Sis. Joy. O


Since I joined this commission I have been coming from Nasarawa state to church activities in Abuja. Since I don’t have a personal car of my own sometimes, it becomes too difficult to come to service. I began to pray and sow towards it. One day I went to servant of God concerning this issue and other burdens I had. He simply replied me in his usual simple manner, he said, Bro. David, it is settled. I believed him whole heartedly.

It happened that I had a building in Abuja here but not in the area where I would love to live, so I put it up for sale with the intention of using the money from it to move to a choice area. I am standing here today to glorify the name of God that am living in my house in a choice area here in Abuja and I am a proud owner of a new car to the glory of God. It is working, it has worked for me. Halleluyah!!!

Bro. David O.


My name is Prophetess Glory Teke. I came with a basket of testimony. I want to thank God for using Papa miraculously in my life and my ministry. It happened that when I started ministry, I cried unto God for a spiritual father and direction in ministry. I started looking out for men of God both on the television and radio. The ones I saw, I couldn’t get to them because they weren’t the one God was sending me to. It became so frustrating to me.

I was in my office during my counseling day and somebody walked in to see me, and he was holding a book authored by God’s servant. When he sat before me, I asked him to give me the book, immediately my hands grabbed the book, light shone from the book to my face and a voice said to me he is the one I have ordained to be your father in ministry. I asked the man if he could take me to where God’s servant was and he agreed. This was how I met him for the first time. When I came in contact with him he began to prophesy…he said a lot of things.

He said to me, even though I have decided with my husband to stop child bearing that God is bringing a SAMUEL who will carry the mantle and continue the ministry he has given me.

Secondly, he said to me, that a strange move of God is going to be evident in my ministry and God is releasing properties and wealth for the next phase of the work of God in my hands. People of God, this God is so faithful to the words of His servant. After that destiny encounter with the oracle of God, strange things are happening during my ministrations now, I see the supernatural at work powerfully. I now record instant healings and deliverances even my prophecies are coming to pass with precision and instant confirmation. The small parcel of land where the ministry is built cost a lot of money yet the building is too small for the numerical increase God has given me after meeting with him. Just like he told me about prosperity, one day, someone stayed back after church service and he told my personal assistant that he wants to see me and when he was granted the request, he told me that he has some hectres of land somewhere near the church and God has been disturbing him to give me the land, so today he came to give me the papers of 10 plots of land. As am testifying now, foundation for the new building is going on there now!!!

Thirdly, when the servant of God came to dedicate my son, he told me that someone will bring me a new black jeep and 18 seater coaster bus for church evangelism. Today, that prophesy is a reality, I came with the new jeep. A lot has happen since I encountered the servant of God. I say may the name of God be praise forever in Jesus name.

Prophetess Glory T.


I went to the servant of God for counseling and prayers because things weren’t moving fine for me. He told me that God is opening an international door for me and from there things will fall in place in my life. I believed him by faith even though I wasn’t even planning to travel. Along the line I made a contact that took me to the embassy. When I got there, I was issued a visa just like that. I had a job at hand already, but it wasn’t paying me well, so I decided to submit my CV to another company and among them an oil company firm. Initially, they rejected me. I came back to the servant of God to inform him that I have a visa as he prophesied but he told me again to fast 7 days and after that I will see a miracle from God concerning my job. I started the fasting immediately, on the 5th day, I received a call, from the oil firm, telling me to resume work immediately the following day. When I got there, they showed me my office and my official car too. God is seriously at work in this commission. Praise the Lord.

 Sis. Lillian.A


I have lived for one year and six months with a severe menstrual pain. It is so painful and severe that doctors told me that the only way to stop this abnormal condition was through medical surgery. It was at this point that a friend of mine who is a member of this church invited me to the Tuesday Healing and Miracle service. When I came, I saw the power of God at work and issues settled. After that powerful service I went home and retuned on Thursday for counseling and prayers. When I entered the office of the servant of God, he began to prophesy to me. He told me so many things and there was one that he told that only me and God knows, but he saw it too. He also told me about the medical report I came with even without me telling him about it, then I knew I was in for a real solution from God. After all these, he prayed for me and told me that God has healed me.  Before this healing, each month I spend at least 3 days on the hospital bed in excruciating pains. I confirmed my healing when my period came without pains this month, so I returned to give God all the praise. Praise the LORD.

Sis. Nancy


During one of the Sunday services, the servant of God located me and gave me a prophecy that I keyed in strongly into. He said that in the next 7 days God is giving me a powerful testimony. There is this contract I have pursued for a long time without success. Every day I pray that God prove himself and manifest the words of his servant. On one Friday morning I was still on my kneel praying when my phone rang, I picked it up, lo and behold it was those company I have wanted to do contract with. They called me and asked me to come and take the contract immediately. It is working. Praise the lord!

Bro Uche.


I came here for the first time in July 24th, 2015. When I came, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive, and my left leg was paralysed because of stroke. When I met with the Bishop, he prophesied that in two days life will come upon me. For two years I don’t sleep with fan but that night as we got home, I told my wife to put on the ceiling fan and I removed my shirt and that was how life was restored in me. Look at me now, everything I wasn’t able to do before, I can do now. Praise the Lord!



I was invited to this commission by a colleague of mine. I’ve been married for 11 years without an issue to show for it. She always disturbs me about coming here but due to time factor and tight schedule because of my job I kept giving excuses. One day I discussed it with my husband, he too is a busy man because of his kind of work but he told me that anytime I go to the man of God, I should call him and he will join me.

Finally, I came to see the man of God during counselling and he started unveiling things about me and shortly I called my husband and he joined me at Papa’s office. Immediately my husband sat down Papa said to us that IVF won’t work for us. He said we are fruitful and that God is saying that we are not barren. Papa equally told us that something blocked my womb and instructed me to stop taking those fertility drugs I’ve been taking.

Papa told me to go and buy 4 bottles of olive oil; he prayed over them and told me how to use it. On the 3rd day of using the anointing oil, I felt a strange sensation in my bowel so I visited the toilet. First, I saw blood which was so abnormal to me, since I was not around my monthly circle, and then I noticed and saw a huge object coming out of me… it was fibroid!

Brethren, join me to thank God, who has broken the siege in my life. The God of Zion is great!

Mrs Ngozi Chukwuka.


I want to thank Papa and Mama for being there for me. I joined this commission in October last year. At that time, my marriage was at the verge of packing up, but today, to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil, I can boldly say that I have the sweetest man in my husband.

In February, I came to meet Papa on a counselling day to ask him what I need to do in order to have the breakthroughs that he has prophesied over my husband and I come to manifestation. Papa then told me to join a department, engage in evangelism, sow a sacrificial seed and all that. My husband and I had to close our both bank account in order to manage to a seed because we had virtually nothing. At that time, there was no longer goods in my husband bookshop, not even a pencil, and my networking business was going down and down. But today, brethren, the God of Zion has turned our story around 360 degrees! 
God has opened a lot of doors; someone abroad began to send us goods to sell without any advance payment. My network business has picked up and began to boom again. My husbands bookshop is fully restocked and today we're dedicating our Jeep. 
All glory to this great God of Zion! 

Sis. Vera Asuzu


The first time I came to this commission was on the 11th of February on a Tuesday healing and miracle service and I came with my husband. During the service Papa called me out and began to conduct deliverance on me concerning fruit of the womb and after that he asked me to go and lay on the altar. People of God, in that same February, God gave me conception and today am pregnant after four years. Indeed God of Zion is faithful.

Sis. Chizoba Nwaogu


You all are lifted for life! Am standing here to testify that covenant is bigger than life. I was at the building site where I was working when suddenly a 20 tons truck carrying chippings ran over me. My abdomen was cut wide opened and my intestines gushed out according to eye witness. I was rushed to the federal medical centre Umuahia. In the emergency operating theatre, I was constantly saying; I can’t die less than 90 years though very much unconscious. Thank God I didn’t die under the truck or in the operating room. All praise and glory to this ever faithful  God of Zion.

Bro. Obinna


My name is Sis Ruth, I want to share PROPHECY confirmations and the testimony of what GOD has used you to do in my life.

One fateful day I had to struggle to come to church, hence I came late. On reaching, you asked the whole church to pray for me as I had been scheduled for death the next Thursday, to my greatest shock I crossed the road that Thursday evening and the person that crossed seconds after me got hit by a racing car and died instantly.

 Secondly I came for prayers and you told me that I will be married before April 2016, to God be the glory I did my traditional marriage March 2016.

 Thirdly, when I was in Labour, I sent you a message, you prophesied that my baby should come forth and I went into the favour room and within 5minutes God gave us a baby boy.

Indeed am privileged to be under your profound covering and tutelage.

More of God's grace sir.

Sis. Ruth.


I want to use this platform to give all glory to God who used a man i have never met face to face, but who just prophesied to me through my phone. In the month of August 2017, I was introduced to this great man of God by my aunty. I had men asking for my hand in marriage, but when I spoke with the Prophet, he said to me that he was not seeing any of the men to be my husband, that he is seeing a medical doctor by my side. “I was like is he joking or what”? My brothers and sisters today it has come to pass ooooooo. A medical doctor is by my side just like that. Bishop told me about my exams on the month of December which I did not tell anybody about but he mentioned it and said it’s well with the exams i was about to take. To the glory of God I made a biggggg A+ in my nursing school. As many as are believing for the blessings of God today, may that God, who did it for me will always come through for you in Jesus name .

Sis Ijeamaka: United States



I came to this church sometime last two years to see the Man of God by recommendation during one of the counselling days.

Prior to my visit, I have met several men of God including Prophets who told me so many things that didn’t come to pass; therefore I resolved that there is no real Prophet of God anymore in the land.

But I was with the Man of God in his office, he told me that God was going to give me twins and both will be males. And secondly, he told me that he saw me working with a foreign N.G.O that will pay me in Dollars.

To be truthful, I doubted him to the last words that came out of his mouth, but to the glory God, despite my doubt, I took in and went for scan and the machine confirmed that i was crying twins and their gender were males.

It didn’t take time, I got employment with a foreign N.G.O just as the Man of God said and today, I receive my salary in dollars.

Exactly nine months later, I gave birth to these handsome twins, baby boys.

I doubted it, nevertheless it came to pass.

Apart from this testimony, I came here today because I have been sitting on this testimony for a while and something kept telling me "go back to Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries and give your testimony; not just in your church" .

People of God, I want you to know that God is here and it is working seriously.

Barr. Lawrenta Edigbe



Last week Thursday was my first time of making contact with God's ordained mandated prophet Bishop Okwudili Eze during Thursday prophetic counselling. Immediately I entered, my destiny file opened and God's servant began to download to me both secret and open things concerning me. This is not the reason of sharing this testimony, the reason is to show you and that there are limitless possibilities in God and what the God of Zion cannot do does not exist.

Prior to my meeting with the servant of God, my marriage had crashed, destiny was without direction and definition and so much negative happenings in my life:

  1. Shortly after my wedding to my wife in 2012, things went bizarre, my wife became the chief suspect for the negative happenings that made me to severe communication with her, lost affection for her and when she couldn't bear it again she left the marriage. But meeting God's ordained mandated prophet, Bishop Okwudili Eze, solved the whole marital headache and at the same time rubbished the fake prophesies i had earlier received from men of God and other self acclaimed prophets that my wife was the cause of the ill fortune. Since that Thursday till today, i started to enjoy my wife again and my marriage is back on track!!!
  2. Before meeting God's ordained mandated prophet, i had already tried my hands on doing ministry for several times but all failed. As a matter of fact, I had opened five churches in four different locations which include Abuja, Lokoja, Ibadan and Agbor but all failed. But when the Bishop ministered to me in prophecy, i was told what God had called me to do and where He wants me to do it. That was DIVINE DIRECTION AND GUIDIANCE!

A lot has happened in my life and destiny which i can't possibly recount all at a go!!!

It could be your turn to experience a life changing and destiny turn around testimonies through God’s anointed servant, Bishop [Prophet] Okwudili Eze by worshipping with in any of the service days especially this Tuesday by 12noon during the Healing and Miracle Service.

Remember, What God of Zion cannot and does not exist.

A trial will surely give you something tangible to talk about.

APST.  Emmanuel Ubaka.


It all started in 2011 when I met one of my covenant brothers who also happen to be a son to the anointed servant of God. He told me how his meeting with papa changed his life and gave him a direction in life and persuaded me to go and meet him too. He was sounding so sure about it so I decided to come for ISOSPAL (International School of Seers, Prophets and Leaders).

Before now, I have already concluded with my wife about going to Asaba to start a work for God and not at Awka.

When that year’s ISOSPAL ended I went to see papa, he told me that I shouldn’t leave Awka for Asaba. He said to me that God is going to raise me as one of the major voices in the south-east. True to the word of God, it is manifesting every day. I vividly remembered when I got a land to build, money became an issue but I told my members that money will come miraculously because papa told me so. Not too long, a man called and asked how much it will cost to raise a building for God. I told him and he took care of it.

When I started earlier, nobody believed me, even my brother, but with the evidence on ground now he called me and said to me that he now knows that i am called.

God has used his grace upon papa to define my life and today am accorded a proper recognition even among my kin.

To God be all the glory, Amen.



Am from a royal family where the foundation is not Godly because of African traditions. I was separated by God from among the members of my family to be a servant for him but the forces from my foundation fought me and my calling. I was doing ministry with miracles, signs and testimonies but inside of me I was not happy and satisfied as someone whom God uses. I came to Abuja and fortunately for me, I met Bishop Okwudili again after my first encounter with him through his teachings on television. One day as I was taking a walk I saw the church sign post and I came. Immediate I went to see him after the powerful Sunday service, he started downloading unto me with prophesies and among them are issues concerning my family background after which he broke the satanic stronghold and not too long I began to see the hand of God manifest heavily on me.

After I got married to my wife for some years, having a child of our own became a challenge. There were issues of miscarriage but my encounter with papa brought an end to that mess in my marriage. He told me to come and see him with my wife. I did and he prayed for us and declared my wife fruitful and told us clearly that our son is on the way. Today, people of God, am standing here to say that God is faithful to the words of his servant and my Son is doing well with my wife. We are not barren again!!!



It’s been two years of glorious encounters since I started following God’s servant as my spiritual father. This time I came back to confirm and affirm that God honours the words of his servant. Some time at the end of last year and early this year, God spoke through Papa to me concerning the season of blessing coming to me and my ministry. Notably among them are cars, plots of land and a personal house. I want to mention here that before I met papa as my father in the lord, nothing was moving for me and my ministry. Papa told me about cars coming and today as I speak to you all am a proud owner of a black Honda Pilot Jeep. As if that was not enough he told me that another red jeep is coming. One day, after morning devotional, i heard a knock on my gate and when I went to check who it was, I met a man who greeted me and said that he was in the service the previous day when I preached about sacrifice and immediately he heard a voice that said to him that the red jeep in his garage is not his anymore, that he should bring it to me. That was how he brought me a red jeep.

I remembered looking for land to buy with my husband but we didn’t see any and the ones we saw were rather too high for our budget.

During our church two years anniversary, papa told me that he saw a landed property coming and I keyed into it. A member walked up to me and handed over to me the papers of 5 plots of land without any coercion or payment, it came on the strength of the spoken word!!!

To cap it up, my husband has been in the position of associate professor for quite some time and it became a worry for me even after series of prayers and fasting but just recently he was decorated a professor of Linguistics just as the servant of God said it. Every word papa has ever said to me came to pass speedily.

To God who has done all these great things for me may his name be praised forever, Amen!!!



Ten years ago, I was in the enthronement meeting back in the city of umuahia and after a powerful anointed service characterized by heavy move of God, God’s servant called for a prophetic sacrifice. I wouldn’t have answered that call for sacrifice but I saw one of papa’s son coming out and I was challenged in my spirit and I said if this man can do this, I can do it as well. Then I have never given a sacrifice of N100,000 before in my life. After my pledge I began to think how to redeem it but God made a way. Almost the same period I was blessed with 100k from a man I used to know. Immediately I travelled back to Umuahia from Port Harcourt and when I redeemed my vow papa laid hands on me and prayed for me saying from today may the land open for me for ministry and may God give me the gift of men. Brethren, from that time till now I cannot explain how my life and ministry has evolved. I remember Bishop told me that God is moving me from the village where I am to Port Harcourt. It didn’t take time I found myself in PH and shortly after, ministry began to explode to the point I became the envy of other men of God in the same area. Their envy got to the point where they ganged up against me to plot evil but God through my father, his servant revealed it to me and he equally told me what to do. These evil pastors were responsible for the series of miscarriages my wife have had over the years. It was a fierce battle but God must be victorious in every battle he engages. To the glory of God, no more miscarriage and as a matter of fact, papa came and dedicated my son sometime this year 2017.

I stand here to say to many that cares to hear that Bishop Okwudili Eze is a genuine servant of God and his words comes to pass.



I came to papa during the time am supposed to go for my traditional marriage and after speaking with him he said to me that grace will make everything possible. I believed him verbatim. But something strange happened during this time. Three days to the D-day, no money to start buying things and getting things done. It continued till the evening of the day to my supposed date, somehow, by miracle, money came. But before this miracle came, I kept on calling papa and he maintained his stand by saying God will see you through and grace will make it happen for you. Indeed, grace showed up for me and I did all that I was supposed to do, and even had left over balance with me, this can only be God!

Secondly, when my wife was pregnant, the scans were saying the gender of the baby is a female. One day papa asked me what did the scan say, and I told him a female but he changed it into a male and to the glory of God upon delivery, the baby came out a BABY BOY!



I met the Prophet through the internet. It happened that I stumbled into his devotionals and spiritual write ups. I am always in awe whenever I read his write ups online. I feel in love with him even without meeting him in person. So one day online I decided to say hello to him and to my amazement he replied me. From there immediately, he told me something that only me knows and maybe someone I told knows…I was so shocked. From there I established a link to him and each time I spoke to him online he answers me with clarity. He equally told me that God is moving me from Aba to Ibadan. I told me that I don’t know or have any body at Ibadan but he said to me go and you shall see God in action. I delayed; he told me that my delay is also slowing the angels released by God to make this happen. I got the courage and financial strength to move. When I got to Ibadan, indeed God sent a human angel to help me. Someone I have never met before gave I and my wife accommodation and helped us to find a place for ministry. It has been from glory to glory since I relocated to Ibadan for the work of God.

I came to this year ISOSPAL 2017 to say to God who arranged our paths to cross even from the internet that may his name be exalted forever. Amen.




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I have a friend who for 25 years of her marriage had no child. Sometime February this year during our Tuesday Healing and Miracle service, servant of God said those trusting God for the fruit of the womb should come out and I came out to stand in for that my friend. 4 months later, she called me that God has done, that she is pregnant!!! Praise God..

Sis. Joy O.

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