Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries Inc. is charged with the mandate of raising men of knowledge and power through the preaching of the word of faith and salvation.


Zion Heritage Television

Zion Heritage Television is geared towards changing lives through the teachings and preaching of the word of faith and salvation by Bishop Okwudili Eze.


Heritage Records

Heritage Records is the music production arm of Zion Heritage & Miracle Ministries Inc. In Heritage Records, we bring out the star in you. Check us out!


Enthronement Bible Institute

In Enthronement Bible Institute, men are raised by Knowledge, in Word and Power to Become a Wonder… Rise and Obey the Clarion Call.


  • 12th Anniversary Celabration

    It was a week of fun filled and showers of blessing last week as we celebrated Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries 12th Year Anniversary.

    It started with a rally on ....................

    The ministry of Bishop Okwudili Eze has blessed countless number of people across the globe through the Apostolic and Prophetic mantle upon his life.  He is powerfully anointed by God with attendant signs wonders and miracles. He is an insightful and dynamic preacher and teacher of the word, whose faith based teachings and prophetic grace has been a channel of blessing, deliverance, healing and transformation to all who have had a privileged encounter with his ministry.

    Bishop Okwudili Eze is the President of Prophet Okwudili Eze Ministries (POEM) and Enthronement Bible Institute (EBI), he is also co-authors of The Word Feast Devotional with his wife. The impact of his ministry can simply be defined as far reaching and monumental to this generation.

    Join us as we celebrate our spiritual father, Our Papa, founding Bishop and mandated Prophet of Zion Heritage and Miracle ministries, Bishop Okwudili Emmanuel Eze will be marks his birthday come Sun. 26th August, 2018 to  the  glory of God...

Star Testimonies



I came here for the first time in July 24th, 2015. When I came, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive, and my left leg was paralysed because of stroke. When I met with the Bishop, he prophesied that in two days life will come upon me. For two years I don’t sleep with fan but that night as we got home, I told my wife to put on the ceiling fan and I removed my shirt and that was how life was restored in me. Look at me now, everything I wasn’t able to do before, I can do now. Praise the Lord!

Bro. Dennis Eleche